Back Seat Protector

Wagable knows that any dog owner’s car gets, well, filled with detritus and dirt. Even if you have a dog traveling routine, our back seat protector can’t be beat.

In Intro Package

We fell in love with this comfortable seat cover, suitable for dogs of all sizes due to the four-sided nest created inside your backseat.

The protector easily hooks on the back seat and front seat headrests, and comes with a few pockets for whatever you want to bring along.

It’s surprisingly rugged, simple to clean and not bulky.

Now there’s a place for your pup to belong, and maybe rest, while you’re headed down the road.

Special Offer: This premium back seat cover may be purchased for $49.99, including free shipping in the U.S. Wagable guarantees it’s the best price online, with free shipping. If you find a better deal, share your link and we’ll match it: service@wagable.com.

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