Lewis, Clark & Seaman

Seaman supported the Lewis & Clark team in their exploratory journey between St. Louis and the Oregon coast. Never forgotten, he’s honored across the United States.

Seaman Triumphs!

Captain Meriwether Clark recorded several experiences with Seaman during the journey, appreciating his essential services as hunter, protector and friend.

This Newfoundland dog brought back squirrels and even one antelope for human consumption, and warned the explorers if bison or other dangerous wildlife neared camps.

Along the way, he was a new breed admired by Native Americans for his looks, scent skills and demeanor. One chief wanted to trade goods for the dog, but he was not for sale.

Here are our favorite sculptures where artists depict Seaman as a trusted sidekick along with his humans.

Seaman Alone – Washburn, SD: At Fort Mandan, South Dakota, you’ll see a larger than life, six-foot high sculpture by artist Tom Neary. Seaman and the entire Lewis & Clark expedition spent plenty of time in Washburn, overwintering in 1804-1805.

Night Sculpture – St. Charles, MO: The expedition spent five days gathering final supplies here. Lewis, Clark and Seaman are featured in Pat Kennedy’s Frontier Park sculpture, next to the Lewis and Clark Boathouse (video).

Capitol Scene – Jefferson City, MO: In June 1804, the expedition camped in Jefferson City. Sculptor Sabra Tull Meyer not only commemorates Seaman, Lewis and Clark but also man servant York and French Canadian hunter/interpreter George Druillard.

Standing Around – Fort Calhoun, NE: The “First Council” meeting took place among Lewis, Clark and Oto/Missouria chiefs in August 1804. Seaman was present, too. Oreland C. Joe, a Native American artist, created this sculpture located at Fort Atkinson.

Falls Overlook – Great Falls, MT: In this bronze statue by Montanan Bob Scriver, Seaman can be seen with Lewis, Clark and York overlooking the confluence of the Sun and Missouri Rivers. Many challenging portages took place throughout the state.

On Pedestal – Sioux City, IA: At the Lewis & Clark Commemorative Center, Lewis, Clark and Seaman are honored with a 14 foot bronze sculpture by Pat Kennedy. We learned the expedition regrouped, when an original expedition member died and was buried here.

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