Muddy dogs improve your well being

Let’s start with March. When you take your dog for a walk, what ends up happening?

In our part of the country, this month came in like a lion and left the same way. No lambs were in sight. That meant snow, rain, hail, sun — and then rinse and repeat.

The mud fest story

When we headed out and encountered a muddy but sneaker-workable path for humans, all seemed fine. Unfortunately a seemingly shallow puddle turned into a sinking, deep mud pit for our dog.

It’s a bad joke, right? Our ever friendly pup emerged, with a little help from us. While the sink hole transformed his look, he seemed to have survived intact.

After reversing course and heading downhill to the car, a woman more familiar with these parts blithely called out, “you found our evil sink hole!” She stopped taking her dog here.

Well this was no ordinary mud. It ended up caking like hard clay from a kiln that left a light silt layer deposit wherever the dog roamed.

Unable to wash off with a hose, we carried our not-light pup into the tub for a hard scrubbing and soapy bath. The brute force cleansing worked well.

Dog adventures make us happy, right? #EvilMud #MudDog #DogSpring

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