Pet Hydration in July

Keep cool, watered, dried and comfortable this July, with products that meet you and your dog’s needs.

July Club Package

For dog owners, we selected a Basecamp® 30 Miler Hydration Pack to sip from two liters and carry most everything you need.

Whenever you leave the house, we have a Dog Water Bottle that your pup will lap up without spills. It’s cleverly designed so water returns to the bottle.

On the hottest days, you’ll find a Cooling Towel that’s perfect to dunk and share with your overheated dog.

We couldn’t resist including a NY Times bestseller, Underwater Dogs, which creates heated yet friendly debates about your favorite swimming monsters.

Personal Package Add-On: You’ll also receive the Drool Hog Paws & Bones Mud Mat which can’t be beat. Personalized with your dog’s name, this mat effectively soaks up wet messes — and it works well for indoor or outdoor use.