Smart Dog Tag!

Keep your furry one safe, by hanging this smart dog tag from his or her collar. If they ever get separated or lost, this tag will help you reunite.

In August Package

The Spotted! smart pet tag uses NFC** technology to locate your dog.

A QR code on the back can be easily scanned with any mobile phone. It’s easy to register, no batteries or fees are necessary, and range is unlimited.

Features include:  Free app | No monthly fees | Fast registration | No batteries | Unlimited range | One Spotteclick navigation | Multiple languages | Waterproof

This tag provides a direct communication to you. It’s a straightforward way to identify and protect your dog, even if you chip him/her or use other ID methods.

** NFC stands for Near Field Communication, a contact-less communication technology based on a radio frequency (RF) field using a base frequency of 13.56 MHz. Using NFC, you can exchange data through different devices.

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