Sound & Light Therapy

Why not take a therapeutic and calming break anytime? The iHome Zenergy Portable is a Bluetooth speaker with special powers beyond transmitting audio.

In August Package

Sure, the iHome speaker streams digital audio wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled audio device including Android/iOS devices or MP3 players.

This diminutive speaker is only four inches tall yet delivers nice sound quality and plays up to seven hours on a re-chargable battery.

What’s most surprising is the complete sound and light therapy experience!

Sound therapy includes engineered recordings including: air, focus, quiet, drive, 4-7-8 breathing, zen, dream, peace meditation, trance, ocean, storm, river, nature, and chimes.

Light therapy comes in four unique modes including: nightlight, glow, your favorite color, and pulse-to-music.

The iHome Zenergy is easy to adjust, fun to use — and should improve your days and nights.