Tatum and Lulu

Actor Channing Tatum Is directing and starring in a new buddy comedy, called Dog. It filmed through the pandemic and gets released in mid-July 2021.

Real Life Inspiration

“I got back from a road trip where I said goodbye to my best friend. Now I’m making a movie inspired by her,” explained Tatum.

Check out Tatum and his Belgian Malinois here.

This movie follows two Army Rangers: Briggs, played by Tatum, and Lulu, his pup. They are late and trying to make the funeral of another soldier.

According to Variety, “They’ll drive each other completely crazy, confront the possibility that pet psychics are real, and begin to reckon with the one thing they were trained never to do: surrender.”

While we don’t know who plays Lulu, she’s handled by real-life trainers Julie Strang and Greg Smith Aldridge. We can’t wait to meet her on screen.

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