Touch Screen Gloves

Sometimes you want to wear gloves, and then you end up getting frustrated when you have to check your cell phone. Why wear them at all?

In August Package

These Stormtech gloves are lightweight yet thick enough to keep you protected and warm. You’re out walking the dog and don’t have to remove them for any reason.

The thumb and two fingers are topped with grippy, touch screen  material to hold what you need and to pick up or tap away on your phone.

When you do want to remove them, they come with side clips to keep them connected together.

Once you try them, you’ll be hooked like the Wagable team. There is a fine middle ground for gloves that let you maneuver with jackets, pockets, keys, doggy waste bags or your cell phone.

Since they are knitted with slightly stretchy spandex (8%) and polyester (92%), one size fits all or most.

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