Uggie in “The Artist”

One the our favorite dog sidekick performances can be seen in The Artist (2011), a mostly silent, black and white movie that won the “Best Picture” Oscar in 2012.

It tells the story of a silent picture star who first attracts adoring crowds and then dramatically fades into irrelevance. His sidekick Uggie remains ever faithful to him.

Uggie Steals Scenes

You first notice this Jack Russell terrier imitating and supporting his master, who’s failing to sweet talk his wife into staying with him.

Uggie sticks with his master, as the film star’s life careens downhill. Dogs don’t mind.

The most poignant scene in the movie? Uggie gets help when the master reaches his nadir, setting fire to his films and home.

Here we see our hero pup running down the street and “speaking” to a policeman. Together, they race back to the master who gets saved. We have embedded the video clip below.

Uggie (2002-2015) became a working thespian alongside his trainer, Omar Von Muller, who rescued him just before he was going to a shelter. Omar lovingly taught him tricks that are seen throughout the movie..

Watch this pup plays dead, walk, run, and interact beautifully with his movie-star master and other humans. We give Uggie’s performance four paws up.

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