why us

Wagable was founded on the idea that dog owners value useful, long-lasting, and sometimes unusual products.

With merchandising backgrounds and a love for dogs, we are able to source products that celebrate your dogs and everyday lives.
We discovered that dog owners primarily set things up to welcome new puppies or rescue dogs, and then nurture them with treats, toys, love and experiences. Yet celebrating dog lifestyles, from the human perspective, was somehow missing.
Wagable offers products that graciously fit your dog seasons. Think home living decor, kitchen and dining, tech gizmos, travel, picnics, outdoors, some apparel and more. We hope you’ll enjoy using and sharing what we deliver and appreciate your feedback. Take a look here. Or see what’s in store now.

Founder and Chief Merchandiser, Joe Lowry

“After decades of providing beloved, branded merchandise for corporate clients and teams, I also wanted to deliver great finds directly to my fellow dog parents. Wagable is pursuing an authentic mission, bringing joy into our dog-filled lives and benefitting dog charities.”

Founder and General Manager, Debby Richman

“Shaped by an untrained standard schnauzer growing up, I personalized and leapt on this direct-to-consumer opportunity which places dog owners on pedestals alongside their furry ones.”

Head of Digital Marketing, Dylan Lockard

“It’s hard to imagine life and outdoor adventures without dogs accompanying me. Taking advantage of my design, photography and marketing interests, I‘m eager to share our seasonally-themed products with everyone.”