Becket In The City

Becket Farnsworth (2003-2021), a well-known Jack Russell sidekick, roamed the Upper West Side with his human Peter. As a puppy, the New York Times featured him among dogs living in NYC neighborhoods.

Becket Isn’t A Snob

”In sharing that his name is Becket, invariably people ask about Samuel Beckett, the great playwright,” Mr. Farnsworth said. ”One guy said, ‘And my dog’s name is Chaucer.’ We had to break the news that Becket is named after a little town in the Berkshires.”

Along the way, Becket gained local fame. His constant visits to the neighborhood deli were honored. Andy’s Deli featured him with a counter photo advertising its turkey, bacon and cheddar sandwich — with or without fries.

Becket was a challenging dog for Peter, as an energetic pup who needed constant exercise and city park visits to tire him out daily.

The Jack Russell thrived among the Farnsworths. He only protested once when Peter’s twin children were brought home from the hospital and then embraced them as human siblings.

Eventually Becket slowed down, and Peter carried him around the neighborhood. “How’s he doing?” asked well-meaning neighbors, prompting him to honor the dog and later share news when he passed away in May.

Sure, we all know how much our dogs mean to us. In New York City, the neighbors also experience, feel close and eventually miss our furry family members.

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