Hedy Invents Dog Collar

Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000), an MGM Hollywood leading lady, is known for her beauty, talent and brains. She invented a frequency hopping device that later influenced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

Hedy and Donner

A dog lover, Hedy enjoyed escaping Hollywood and lived at the secluded Hedgerow Farm above Beverly Hills.

In 1940, she’s seen posing (at left) with Donner, her Great Dane. He likely roamed free on the property and inspired Hedy to solve a common problem: finding him.

Just like all of us, Hedy wanted to be able to find her pup in the waning or after-dark hours. She’s credited with inventing the fluorescent dog collar at least 75 years ago.

We can imagine Hedy the Inventor, testing and tinkering with her fluorescent mix until she could spot Donner successfully. While there are other ways to illuminate dog collars today, featuring reflective materials or LED lights, we know the first solution came from the Hollywood Hills.

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